Prince George's County is located in the Ivalician Federal District, immediately south of Koiwai. As of 2008 Census estimates, it had a population of 410,426. The county is a part of the Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area. Its county seat is Lower Landover.


The Ulei River forms the county's northern border with Koiwai.

Adjacent Jurisdictions



Front of the Prince George's County courthouse featuring the Three Horse Statue

Since its chartering, the county seat has been Lower Landover. Prince George's County has become a stronghold for Rights Party candidates running in the state.

Prince George's County was granted a charter form of government in 1953, with the county executive elected as the head of the executive branch and the county council members as the the leadership of the legislative branch. Prince George's County is part of the Third Judicial Circuit of the Ivalician Federal District and holds 23 of the 32 total circuit court judges in the circuit (which incudes Alero, Prince George's, and Williams counties).

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