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Notice: I haven't gotten everything set up yet, so the game hasn't started, I would be very happy if some of you guys would like to help. (You'll probably become a PPP if you do)

What It Is[]

Profit is a corporate role-playing game. Profit asks the question, what if corporations in the future gained enough power to become just like nation-states?

How To Get Started[]

Just make a page for your company and post an action on the Events page that says that your company has been founded!

Basic Rules[]

  • You may only post actions that your company undertakes. In other words, you can't control companies that you don't own.
    • You may though, buy and begin to control a company after reaching an agreement with the former owner in and out of the Profit world.
  • To avoid confusion, please title your pages company pages like this: Name of company here (Profit). This way, people won't confuse Profit articles with other ones.
  • Regular players may not control NPCs (Non-Player Corporations) and NPOs (Non-Player Organizations). Control of these organizations is resticted to players who have contributed significantly to the project (Profit Project Police), and ME (Richmondappleeater).
  • One week in real life = 1 month in Profit
    • I'll make a new month every Wednesday.
  • After a "month" is over, you may not post anything in that month anymore.
  • Regular players can't alter the history of the world before 2050. Only the PPP and I can do that.
  • Please be realistic about technology levels.
    • No alien invasions
    • No faster-than-light travel
    • No time travel
    • Please stay in the Sol system (our solar system).
    • It takes 2 years for a NASA shuttle to get from Earth to Mars. Just keep that in mind.
    • No negative energy.
    • Any other technological disputes will be resolved in the Discussion part of THIS page. Please make a new section and debate and vote there. If 60% of the players says no, then too bad.
  • I'll add more rules when I have time.

Linkz (my favorite part)[]

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