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Project Atlantis is an Everetti government and private research and exploration program and operation for deep sea research. Well known in the scientific community, our oceans are fairly undiscovered and uncharted with much to learn. The Altantis Arcology began construction in August 2009 with construction completing by late 2013.

Atlantis Arcology[]

Atlantis Arcology Spire Surface

Surface dock of the central spire.

Atlantis Arcology is being constructed off the coast of Florida at nearly 1,500 feet deep and will be approximately one mile in diameter. A central spire would rise to the surface of the ocean, allowing for the docking of various sea craft such as supply ships, naval vessels and cruiseliners. The surface dock would also contain a marina and helicopter landing pads as well as space for a single VTOL passenger aircraft to land, such as a Boeing 797 or 808, or an Airbus A360 or A370.

Under the ocean will be the primary arcology structure, which will contain residential housing, tourist and vacationer hotels, recreational facilities including a casino, submarine tours of the deep, marina use at the surface and various other centers such as sports fields, swimming pools and a golf course. Additionally there will be commercial facilities such as offices for various companies and restaurants, among other shops and stores. At the bottom level would be deep sea research facilities for several organizations to use to base oceanic research. Also will be police, fire, medical services and other public services including mail and garbage disposal. Finally, the arcology will have large agricultural facilities for growing food including raising of animals for food, although the arcology would not be entirely self sufficient with food supplies. Further possible development could potentially allow self sufficiency for food.