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Pulasia is a world similar to Earth on which humans never evolved.  Due to this, many species that went extinct in our world, such as the Woolly Mammoth, did not.

1610 years ago, a group of aliens came to Pulasia.  It is not known who these aliens were or why they came there.  According to myths, the aliens gave 64 animal species sentience because they felt the planet was boring without sentient life.  Any real motives behind this act are not known, but it is known that 64 animal species, at least their representatives in Europe and North Africa, were given sapience, opposable thumbs and Iron Age technology.  A list of these species can be found here.

The species organized themselves into 12 Societies.  Each of those Societies never owned physical land; in general, land was never important to Pulasians because of migration.  Moreover, land was useless for Societies to claim because the union of all the habitats of species in a Society could cover a huge amount of area, which of course would overlap with claims of other Societies.  The place of land was taken by dominance, which is a complex system of determining the political and economic power of a nation.  Currently the Society with the highest Dominance is the Rodent-Rabbit Republic, followed by the Crocodile Conclave and the Afrotherian Anarchy.

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