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Qhrisa Acutal
Position: Porn star
Race Senai
Education None
Age -30 Earth Years
-33 Tyryse years
Height 5'5 feet
Ethereal Ability None
Intelligence 115 score on the IET's
Birth Date 2383 A.D.

Qhrisa Acutal is a female Senai porn star, born 2383. Acutal has not released biographical information about herself, and she refuses to answer questions about her past life.

However, she is quite well known for her work in the porn industry. Acutal is a complete lesbian, and she refuses to work with men. Yet, she is considered one of the best lesbian porn stars ever. Her breasts are a size E, and she considers herself to have a 'tight pussy'.

List of Porn Holo-films[]

  • Hot Senai Pussies Vol. 2
  • Heavy Bondage Lesbian Sex Vol. 1
  • Senai Gone Wild Vol. 56
  • Bedroom Lesbians Cumming Out of the Closet
  • Converge Sex-The Lesbian Version
  • Trais on Human Lesbian Action
  • Senai Gone Wild Vol. 57
  • Senai Gone Wold Vol. 58
  • Senai Gone Wild Vol. 59
  • Young Teen Senai- Lesbians
  • Horny Senai Sluts
  • Fuck My Ass Hard Vol. 45
  • Oh yeah, that's how you do it Vol. 2
  • Hot and Heavy Senai Action Vo. 102
  • Senai Lesbian Pillow Action
  • Hot Teen Lesbian Pillow Fights
  • Interspecies Lesbian Action
  • Cootchie Mama's- Lick It Up