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Quantum gunship
Tag(s) Corvette
Purpose(s) Combat
General statistics HP: 1100
Max armament(s) 1x Distortionary dagger
1x Quantum pulse generator
Max complement(s) 2x Kinetic drive
2x Suprakinetic drive
2x Gravitic drive
1x Full spectrum sensor array
1x Hyperspace ping emitter
Miscellaneous notes

Gunships are made for the express purpose of interceptor and bomber hunting. The quantum gunship does not have any conventional weaponry; instead it manipulates the quantum field for military uses. The quantum gunships generally have on central device that is used for such manipulative purposes but has multiple possible add-ons for different purposes. With the additional hyperspace warp drive they are able to traverse long distances to launch surprise attacks on opponents. However they are also easy targets for warpships' turrets and have medium-light armor that can barely resist such attacks.