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Languages None
Size 11,567 miles/diameter
Government None
Leader None
Population No Intelligent Life
Religions None
Currency None
Largest City None
Capitol City None
Species Various Unintelligent Life
Technology Scale 0/100

History Of Quenellaca[]

Quenellaca was discovered by Planet Boyian satellites in PBD2934. No intelligent life was found on the planet but a massive ecosystem of creatures and plants thrived there. With the planet completey free of intelligent interference, Quenellaca was made an official protectorate of Planet Boyi and nature reserve in PBD2935. No interference laws were set that no one shall colonize or visit the planet other than scientific droids and satellite craft.

Life Forms[]

The ecosystem of Quenellaca is massive with billions of species of animals, plants and microscopic beings. Some of the most populus beings are the migihappy, an insect much like a caterpillar or millipede. Migihappies gained their name by the shape of their mouths, which is formed to look like the creature is smiling. Migihappies are usually four inches long and live on the surface, generally in forested areas. There are billions of migihappies in a colony. Migihappies eat both plants and soil. Their fecal matter is primarily made up of dirt. Poofers are another large population being. Poofers are rodent-like animals that are very fluffy and furry and are about the size of a dog. Poofers walk upright but also use all four legs. Their stumpy tail is used to aid in balance when walking upright. Poofers eat plants but have been seen eating insects as well. The largest creatures on the planet are animal/plants. These living trees soak up water with their roots but also gain sustenance from eating animals with their large flytrap like mouths at the top. Living trees grow to the size of redwood trees or sometimes larger.

Protected Planets Treaty[]

Quenellaca was placed under the United Planets' 'Protected Planets Treaty' in PBD2937 which made Quenellaca off limits to colonization or visitation. Attempts at colonization were tried once by a rouge planet but Planet Boyi's assault satellites took action and destroyed the fleet of colonists.