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Nickname(s): Ðe Land der Gross Poccons/Das Land der großen Poccons (Norpradian Dialect/German)
"The Land of the Great Poccons"
Capital Jesvërg
 - Type Government of Rödsomor
 - Governor Noah Böhme
 - Total 21.297,80 km2 (8.223,13 sq mi)
Area rank 2nd
Highest elevation 3.879 m (12.726 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2017) 1.994.973
Population rank 2nd
 - Demonym Rödsomorian
Time zone Lithoriburg Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+1]])
ISO 3166 code NR-RR

Rödsomor is a region in the southwestern part of Norpradia. It is the second most populous region (only losing to Nordia), and the second largest by area (only losing to Sainkt Patrick). Rödsomor is bordered by Norr Rödsomor to the north, Sainkt Patrick to the east, and the North Sea to the west and south. Rödsomor is home to the second largest city in Norpradia in terms of population, Jesvërg. The population growth of the region is 0,11%, the second highest in the entire country. Its capital and largest city is Jesvërg, which had an estimated population of 208.203 in 2019, or 203.953 according to the 2017 census.

Until 1835, Rödsomor also owned Norr Rödsomor, but after ethnic tensions in the region, due to the fact that Rödsomor was heavily Protestant, meanwhile, the northern parts (nowadays Norr Rödsomor) was heavily Catholic, the central government decided to separate the two.

Rödsomor is one of the poorest regions in the country, it has a GDP per capita of 44.408, the lowest in the country, and a HDI of 0,911, again, the lowest.

Rödsomor is influenced by German Culture. Before the unification of Norpradia, hundreds of small kingdoms ruled the region, but the most influential of them was the Kingdom of Villermbourgh, which had Villermbourgh as its capital.


The region of Rödsomor has 219 cities, the second region with the least number of cities (only winning to Lithoriburg, which has only one city, itself. According to the 2017 census, 51,81% of the Rödsomorian population lived in the 10 most populous cities, they are:

Rank City Population County District
1. Jesvërg 203.953 Poccons Jesvërg
2. Alvärger 114.502 Öst Küsse Denville
3. Peterberg 108.887 Öst Küsse Jesvërg
4. Villermbourgh 102.112 Vest Küsse Denville
5. Sainkt Augustus 101.437 Poccons Tvei Ðiver
6. Buchon 93.941 Öbrer Küsse Hüffon
7. Güttenbourgh 91.801 Vest Küsse Neunau
8. Chevitsa 75.791 Poccons Vaastadt
9. Börkenbourgh 72.440 Rorlach Denville
10. Sainkt Josef 68.773 Poccons Jesvërg


Norr Rödsomor is divided between seven counties, Poccons, Öbrer Küsse, Edelina, Herbourgh, Vest Küsse, Öst Küsse, Rorlach. Each county is subdivided to create another subdivision, called districts.

Name Abbreviation Capital Area (km²) HDI Population
(2017 Census)
Density (km²)
(2017 Census)
Location Rödsomor Counties.png
Poccons RR-PO Jesvërg 1.831,01 0,918 603.712 329,72 Poccons.png
Öbrer Küsse RR-ÖB Buchon 2.938,42 0,920 258.313 87,90 Öbrer Küsse.png
Edelina RR-ED Trälm 3.561,29 0,887 174.038 48,78 Edelina.png
Herbourgh RR-HE Trei Städer 2.928,47 0,917 186.691 63,75 Herbourgh.png
Vest Küsse RR-VK Villermbourgh 3.039,32 0,936 270.575 89,02 Vest Küsse.png
Öst Küsse RR-ÖS Alväger 3.617,41 0,897 302.813 83,70 Öst Küsse.png
Rorlach RR-RO Börkenbourgh 3.381,88 0,899 198.831 58,79 Rorlach.png

Quality of Life

According to the 2017 census, the life expectancy of the region was at 81,0 years, the second lowest in the country. The gini was of 29,6. The unemployment was at around 8%.