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Radical Left (Danish:Radikale Venstre) is an Aeroeic social liberal political party. The party had, until the independence, been a small party with little political influence. However after the independence, it grew rapidly, and 4 governments have had a radical prime minister. The party is a sister party of the Danish Radikale Venstre.

Election Program 2010[]

The Election program for the 2010 general election in Aeroe.

  • Creation of a national Cyber-Army
  • More international involvment
  • Attract more companies to the country
  • Implement the major education reform
    • At least 80 percent young people must complete higher education
    • State support to all students
    • Further education to teachers
    • Renovation of the country's schools and colleges, and the construction of an international university.
    • Let Aeroic students studying abroad with financial support from the state.
  • Implement the major Health reform
    • Focus on health prevention, as opposed to Curing and Healing.
    • Attract foreign medical experts
    • Rennovate the national hospital in Marstal
    • Reeducate medical employees with financial aid from the state