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Radio-Television Sainte Genevieve, often abbreviated to RTSG, is Sainte Genevieve's public broadcasting service. It currently comprises nine separate broadcast entities: two national television channels (RTSG One and RTSG Two), three radio channels (RTSG radio 1, RTSG radio 2, and RTSG lyric fm), an broadcast/online news service, and three satellite radio stations. 78% of its funding comes from television and radio license fees. The remaining 22% comes from government grants, advertisements and other investments.


Sainte Genevieve Radio (SGR) was established in 1932, and was the brainchild of British investors Douglas Rogers and Martin O'Connor. SGR's first broadcast was on 13 May 1933. At first, SGR could only be heard in and around Rossport, but additional transmitter towers extended the listening area to the entire island by 1938. Though SGR started as a private enterprise, partial ownership was sold to the government in 1940. During World War II, Sainte Genevieve's location between Great Britain and Nazi-occupied Norway kept most imports from reaching the island. Investment into the SGR declined as resources were required elsewhere. Most of SGR's programming consisted of relayed BBC broadcasts, often at a delay of several hours. After the war, public interest in SGR grew, and a second station, SGR2, signed on in 1949. Whereas SGR concentrated on news bulletins and music programs, SGR2 specialized in dramatizations of literary works.

Sainte Genevieve was a relative latecomer to widespread television coverage, transmitting its first signal on 20 October 1960. In January 1961, SGR's mission statement was revised to include the new medium, and the broadcaster assumed its current name in April of that year. By 1970, all of RTSG's original television programming was filmed or videotaped in colour. RTSG Two was established in 1993 to meet with increasing demand for British and American programming on Sainte Genevieve televisions. In 1995, RTSG's presence extended into cyberspace. Selected webcasting began in 2001, and live webcast of all programming began in 2003.





RTSG lyric fm

  • RTSG News: Broadcasts from RTSG Broadcast Centre in Rossport. RTSG News became a separate entity in 1994, and now transmits news to all of Sainte Genevieve's public radio and television channels.
  • RTSG One: Airs popular programs from the United States and Great Britain, as well as homegrown programming. Headquartered in RTSG Broadcast Centre in Rossport. Home of long-running news/chat show Timeline.
  • RTSG Two: Broadcasts programming oriented to young adult audiences aged 18-35, as well as documentaries and feature films from around the world. Has broadcast Irish-language soap opera Ros na Rún since 2001. Headquartered in RTSG Studios in Dungannon.
  • RTSG radio 1: Primarily news and talk radio originating from RTSG Broadcast Centre in Rossport. Airs commentary on various sporting events, also.
  • RTSG radio 2: From RTSG Studios in Dungannon, RTSG radio 2 mostly airs popular music.
  • RTSG lyric fm: Features world music and political talk radio. Headquartered at RTSG Studios in Dungannon.