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A member of a race of diminutive people who live in the remote Caverns of Kaldron. They are known for their xenophobic nature and they run from strangers.


Their history dates back to the year 6,000 Old Era, on planet Sylviana. The LaHanswann family moved in the region in the year 2,000 Old Era. The Ran settled a couple of disputed territories in the Southernsean region.


The word Ran came from an Old Elenic word for "cavern people". The word Ran also means "rock" in Yardic, so the true meaning of the name is unknown. The word Ran was also spelled like Ramn an old term for their race.


The Ran are known for their love of music and dances. Their queen named Órla Ó Cheanndubháin was a fair maiden with a brave side to her as she fought for her people and culture. Now there are landmarks named for her Orlastead, Cheannare Peninsula, and the Gates of Siral.


Dannyschlewisch, the common language of the Ran, a language that was formed from Yardic, an ancient language of the North. They also speak many older dialects like Old Elenic as their traditional language.


Ran age is a common measure for the Ran's lifespan, one Ran year equals to two Human years.

Ráichéal Medb Gobinet Parthalon: Human name: Rachel Meath, a Ran poet and writer who went to the land of Sybhernbh to write about her life.