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Rantulokse mesnej
Area 342.2 km²

Rantuloks is a town and municipality in Mostjez province in northern Ardenjost.


The new city center lies on the eastern shore of Rantuloks Bay. The topography is very uncomfortable there, with height increasing 240 meters while going 2 km eastward from the original shoreline.

An old parish center lies on a peninsula named Isakojnjas on the southern shore of the bay. The southern shore has been preferred as a populated place and market because of its flatness. Moreover, next to the peninsula are the mouths of Sarmauttot and Javertot rivers.

Another old parish center, Rantutot, lies on the northern shore near a similarly named river.

The surface of Sarmauttot river is at 305 m MSL when crossing municipal border from Korafkes. Being a big river, it has potential energy sufficient to produce electricity with 86 MW in the municipal area. Up to 60 MW of this is currently harnessed.


Municipalities of Rantutot and Bifad-Isakkes were united into Rantuloks in 1935. Over the 1940's, 2.4 km² of sea was filled with land to accommodate the modern town center.


Road MR 4 (Ardenjost-Kecieskes) goes east of the town center, in a south-north direction. Road RR240 is the older counterpart of MR 4, running through town center in front of town hall. Road RR224 runs along the Javertot river. Road RR225 starts from the town center and ends up in Vemeskes near Gertcel. Road RR227 goes to Korafkes and Sarmaut.

Railroad (Jiop Ismere rodokdej) connects Rantuloks with e.g. Rjebidif in the north and Ismerdif in the south.