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Rebecca Jordan-Wiley (b. May 4, 1949) is a Georgeland actress, producer and director who has been a leading figure in Georgeland's entertainment industry, particularly in television, since the mid-1960s.


Rebecca Jordan-Wiley as President Joan Tanner in Martin Hall

Jordan-Wiley was born in Fairhaven, Scoita on May 4, 1949; her mother, Anne, died during childbirth. Jordan-Wiley's father was a colonel during the Second World War and in civilian life after the war ran the local pub in Fairhaven. After the business folded in 1958, Jordan-Wiley, her two brothers and their father moved to Emilypolis, where Jordan-Wiley attended most of her schooling in the Catholic school system. In 1962, at the age of 13, Jordan-Wiley made her first television appearance on an edition of The Richard Read Show, where Jordan-Riley played a girl scout in a sketch. From there, she went on to a minor role in drama serial The Playhouse. Her first 'big break' came in 1967, when at eighteen she was cast as Robbie Taylor's daughter in seminal Georgeland sitcom Lady of the House, a role she played for the entirety of the series 11-year run. At the same time, Jordan-Wiley began working in theatre. In 1974, Jordan-Wiley won a Jersey Award for her role as Katherine in the National Shakespeare Company's production of The Taming of the Shrew.
In 1980, Jordan-Wiley starred in Excuse Me, But Did You Hear..., a ground-breaking TV comedy series that further developed her skills as a comic actor. Her deadpan delivery and subtle facial expressions won her acclaim in this role, which lasted until the series cancellation in 1984. Throughout the next two decades, Jordan-Wiley appeared in more than three dozen TV shows, and more than twenty movies, often as a guest star. In 1994, Jordan-Wiley starred in The Long Road, which netted her a Georgeland Film Award and an Oscar nomination.
In 2003, Jordan-Wiley was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery to correct it, and has since become a spokesperson for the disease.
Jordan-Wiley will play the role of the President of Georgeland in the upcoming drama series Martin Hall, set to debut in May 2007.
Rebecca Jordan-Wiley married film director Steve Short in 1976, and the couple have remained together ever since. They have two children - the eldest, Bobby Short, is also an actor.