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Regina is the capital of Aeriya, with a population of 3,300, and is popularly known as the palace town.

Aeriya is the most populous and most wealthy of any nation in Lorica, and to display that wealth, the royal families of Regina have always built palaces. Each successive royal family has built a new palace not far from the old, and each differs in style and considerably in shape. However, they all have something in common: they're very lavish, expansive, extensive and regal, and as such cost an incredible amount of money. There are at least a dozen different palaces in Regina, mostly increasing in size from the one that came before. The current palace is where the government - the royalty of Aeriya and its ministers and court officials - reside. It is contains a major court, effectively Aeriya's supreme court, where appeals from all the other settlements in Aeriya can get transferred to, but most importantly, issues between feudal lords.

Many people in Regina are construction workers, whether they be smiths, carpenters, lumberjacks or miners.

Given the state's high tax rate needed to support such construction efforts, people are very unhappy with the current state of affairs. However, ruling with an iron hand, the government has been able to summon guards to defend its territories and stave off riots and rebellions without fail throughout the centuries that Regina's palaces have been in place.

The palaces of Regina harbor a host of secrets. Included in the dynastic collections are a considerable number of enchanted artifacts. It is well known that some of the royal families of the past had favored magic, and some spellcasters would assume this refers to true magic. Therefore, despite the extensive town guard coverage of the palaces, they try to slip into these palaces and search it for any secrets and valuables. Getting into palaces isn't easy since there are a lot of guards and booby-traps which only the guards know about. The punishment for trespassing into a royal palace is death by hanging.

All the palaces of Regina are off limits to and are shielded from the public by a massive surrounding wall, within which there is considerable free space for courtyards as well as for future palaces. This section of the town has a massive, beautiful and expensive-to-maintain hanging garden which is where the ruling family often goes to relax. This complex is another Wonder of the World.