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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Reginylgynae is probably the star enchantment in all of the chronicle Mage. It is a massive and incredibly complex hex used only on princesses of the royalty (Reginylgyna). It mostly enables target person to cast a wide cast of spells with the incredible ease that is the hallmark of all imperial magic.

Magic included:

1. The reginylgynae core, which flags the person as a princess, giving the person various access and judicial rights above just about anyone not in the royalty;

2. Virginae (a cleansing spell)

3. Loricae (a bodily protection spell) - this effectively makes the target invulnerable to just about everything both magical and physical, from without and within, except for natural illnesses and the most wily of magic.

4. Liberae de restrictylhemata, lit. "free from blood bond". This breaks the target free of any blood magic spells (dominance spells).

5. Instantiae incanta - this enables the target to use a variety of magical spells with incredible ease, in the form of simply "saying" (spelling) a spell. This is done using Runic Dictationase (dictae runica). This makes it the most useful of all of the five spells included within reginylgynae.