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Religiae v.2[]

The worldspells collectively known as Religiae were introduced over 600 years before the events of Chronicla. (Qura's story begins in 1600 AD.)


Anyone can use the magic that Religiae enables. Such magic are called Gifts. In order for a person to use Religiae, he or she must first become Initiated through a Rite of Initiation. This generally occurs at the age of 13; when people of either gender reach this age they are encouraged to go through the Rite. Initiated people have a variety of advantages over those who are not, including the ability to use the Gifts. However, there are also a few hidden downsides.

The abilities they can use include:

  • The ability to speedily channel air, water, earth and fire, mostly destructively, which is done through ritualized, particular body movements;
  • The ability to utilize prayers to protect, heal, and cure, incredibly slowly and on the spot, generally taking teams of dedicated people;
  • The ability to place one's blood into that of another, thereby allowing one to scry, torture and even kill them (generally slaves, daughters and wives);


The first part of Religiae that was created in 990 AD lay down much of the foundations of the worldspell; later versions would emulate it.