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The worship of Eri-mim-relil is the most ancient religion of the Carothinian continent, it follows the doctrine that the creation of all seen and unseen is by the hands of Eri-mim-relil.


The practice of praising the lord Eri-mim-relil(from hereon called simply Eri) began when the ancient first inhabitants of the world, the first shadows, thanked Eri for giving them life and each other. In the end all the descendants of the first couple praised Eri. Seeing as Caroth was one huge landmass at that time (Mer, Iri, Nól all together) and the shadows lived all over it, the worship of Eri spread across the future continents, leaving traces, engraved in stone, objects found in the earth, becoming new foundations of new religions for the younger races. The name of the faith itself means literally Many-one but is generally held to mean Many in One(Scholari et Phoious, 2103) referring to the belief that they will all join Eri and become one yet still be many (entities existing as one yet at the same time being separate).

Great Figures[]

The first shadow to ever exist was also the first shadow to join Eri, Irizûkul-mim whose name was spoken in glory amongst the Shadows and several figurines of him have been found in many of the artifacts of the human beliefs..