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Remes Dam War was a conflict between Cardoby and Ardenjost. At the time both countries were kingdoms under authoritarian rule.

In early 20th century, Cardoby was a developing country, with its economic base in agriculture. In 1924 the Cardobian army took effectually all the political power away from the king. The military government started a massive industrialization program.

The program included a hydroelectric dam in Bedeg River. The dam, when constructed, would have flooded a substantial amount of Ardenjostan territory. Shortly after, in November 1931, Ardenjost started a pre-emptive war. King Kayjek II, known to be a megalomaniac, had not even considered negotiating. The Cardobian war machine was however victorious, and invaded a large area all the way to the outskirts of Gertcel. The Ardenjostan king and his Army did not know that in spite of the massive construction projects the Cardobian government had resources for a massive military build-up.


In the Peace of Adonakry the border changed from:

Ingojarp - Pentper - Galujyper - Bedeg River - Bajaydev - Sajyer River


Ingojarp - Ingotot - Casvatot - Bedeg River - a line at a specific latitude - Sajyer River

Ardenjost ceded about 5000 km^2 of territory to Cardoby, all belonging to the province of Remes, including all the territory that would be flooded by the dam.

In December 1932 the king and crown prince of Ardenjost were executed and a republic was declared. The remains of Remes province were united with Sjellak province.

The war caused starvation and diseases in an already poor Cardoby. The king succeeded in taking the political power back with assistance from the people. The construction of the dam was postponed and it was not finished until 1958.