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Station statistics
Address 7xx 3rd Street, Tranh Chup-yar City
Unity Line
Other information
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access

Preceding station   Trạnh Chụ̂̀p-yạ́r Gệng̣ Ðẹ́ụ́ạ́m Xàch   Following station
Unity Line
toward Momentum

Republic is a station of Tranh Chup-yar City Metro, on the Unity Line, in the city's Part III. It was opened March 4, 2010 in the initial portion of the system. It serves those who work in the embassies and other nearby buildings. There is one entrance, which contains the largest flight of stairs in Tranh Chup-yar City, at two-hundred fifty steps. It leads out onto Third Street near the large EAF Corporate Complex.


The station is rather short compared to the rest of the stations, due to the low ridership. The tunnel has a high ceiling, with several artificial windows to give a pleasing effect. The walls are made of granite, with murals painted all over them. The murals show Yarphese citizens living in peace with VLA members and famous government leaders and generals. This is one of the few places where one can find Tranh Chup-yar and other famous generals shown as a normal person. Near the platform is a large cement flower with mosaic tiles on it, to represent the Grand Yarphese Republic's blossoming. Below the flower is a pool of water. It is a famous picture spot, and metro regulators often have to push aside tourists, domestic and international alike, who want to take extra pictures next to the flower. In early March 2010, a government worker was caught in the act of attempting to sabotage the platform and the sculpture. Declared an enemy of the republic, he was exiled to Thailand. This platform was not affected badly by the 2010 Yarphese War because of its depth, and hence proved to be a favorable bomb shelter for those who lived in the embassies or nearby.

Nearby Landmarks[]

  • EAF Corporate Complex
  • American Embassy
  • Joint Embassy of the Northern and Southern People's Republics of China