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Richard Edward Jarvis
Richard Jarvis

1st Secretary of Homeland Security of the Union of Everett
In office
Preceded by None
Succeeded by IN OFFICE
Spouse Marilyn Jarvis
Children Son - John Jarvis
Son - Richie Jarvis
Siblings Sister - Wendy Jarvis

January 3, 1969
Residence Everett City, New York
Profession Criminal Justice, Police Sciences, Politics
Religion Protestant
Languages English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi-Urdu

Richard Edward Jarvis is a the current Secretary of Homeland Security in the Union of Everett. Jarvis was born in Washington DC on January 3, 1969. He graduated high school as valedictorian, top of his class and went on to study college, achieving a Masters degree in Criminal Justice. Immediately following graduating college, Richard entered recruitment for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He worked his way up the ranks to become Assistant Director of the FBI in Washington DC. With establishment of Everett, Richard was chosen for position as Secretary of Homeland Security and has since worked on directing cases including the Small Pox terrorist attacks and the Aryan War in Tennessee. He met his wife Marilyn in 2005 and was married in 2006.


Security of Homeland Security Jarvis is a mix of liberal and conservative policies. He supports first amendment rights and second amendment rights. He believes in a strict regulation of firearms, militias and Homeland Defense System personnel. He has ensured that Homeland Security policies do not violate Constitutional amendments while trying to strengthen security from terrorism. Jarvis believes it is vital to use controversial methods to ensure protection from terrorism, including racial profiling, which is a legal policy at Everetti airports. Recent developments of nudity xray systems have been struck down by President Spencer and against his wishes as forced him to regulate what Transportation Security Administration screeners do at the airports. Jarvis successfully pushed for tighter security, allowing for the training and hiring of heavily armed security agents at aiports, malls, train stations and infrastructure, subways, national landmarks and government centers. Along with Spencer, he has voted and passed through advanced training of law enforcement, requiring all officers to possess assault weapons and aided in the formation of the Union of Everett Crisis Unit. Regarding gay marriage, he is against the right to "marry" yet has voted to allow for martial/partnership rights. He has voted in support of stem cell research, voted against assisted suicide laws and does not believe in the right to abortion. He strongly supports the death penalty. In light of recent events, he supports net neutrality but believes high level government data be protected and does not support Spencer's stance regarding the WikiLeaks crisis. As Secretary of Homeland Security, he strongly agrees with foreign interference, stating that to protect the nation for terrorism, we must ensure a policy of offense operations to fight terrorism instead of only defensive policies.