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The Hon. Richard William Fraser (b. July 17, 1934, Sergiocitta) is the current Governor of Bradmarch. He replaced Francine McKinnon on June 1, 2006, after she resigned due to health and family concerns. Prior to holding office as Governor, Fraser was Chief Justice of Bradmarch's state Supreme Court.

Gov fraser

Governor Richard Fraser

A jurist for twenty-five years, Fraser studied law at the University of Bradmarch and Oxford before admittance to the Bar in 1958. In 1980 he was appointed as a district judge in Bradmarch, before becoming a justice of the Mainland Supreme Court in 1994. In 1997, he was appointed as Bradmarch Chief Justice, a position he held for nine years, longer than any predecessor.
When Governor McKinnon resigned, Chief Justice Fraser assumed her office in accordance with the state's constitution. The irony in this was that Fraser, at 71 years and 11 months, was due to retire the following month after he reached the mandatory retirement age of 72. There is no age limit on the Governor's office. Governor Fraser is the oldest current governor in Georgeland, and the oldest in the state's history, though he is not the oldest person to become a Governor.
Fraser has stated several times that he will not be a candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election, and will instead retire from public life.