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Discovered by Mirion (of the Delion)
Orbital characteristics
Mean orbit radius 223, 673 km
Eccentricity 0.007
Orbital period 1.2876 d
Inclination (to Berlion's equator) 0.56°
Satellite of Berlion
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 6,527 km
Mean density 10.737 g/cm³
Surface gravity 2.653 g
Sidereal rotation period 1.2876 d
Surface temp. mean: 308° K
Axial tilt 49.374865°
Albedo 0.063
Surface pressure 200.8 kPa
Composition 30% Neon (Ne), 33% Helium(He), 29% Oxygen (O2), 7% Nitrogen (N2)

Rivon is a moon orbiting a water giant in the Centauri system.


Rivon is covered in a liquid water ocean, which was unfrozen after several trillion tons of CO2 were sent into the atmosphere when it experienced incredible tidal stresses after being captured by its host planet, 1 billion years ago. 18 million years after the oceans became liquid, life began to develop, resulting in a bacteria much like blue green algae to evolve after 500 million years. this bacteria slowly turned its atmosphere of CO2, into a breathable one.

Colonization Attempts[]

A space faring species known as the Delions has plans to colonize Rivon, the Delions are the only species within more than a parsec that doesn't find Helium toxic, and due to this fact they are the only ones with plans to colonize it.