In 2019, the fist successful robot was build by Japanese sceintests. By 2067, robots were commonplace and looked similer to humans cosmeticly. They had 'genders,' a male robot was named a android and a female one a gyroid. Unknown to humans, robots did have emotions. although simulated, where seriouis. After 2098, most robots learned to cope on thier own.


Robots are humanoid shape. They have between two to four arms, two legs and are designed to be similer to humans, often having plastic 'skin.' Robots are smarter than humans, put mainly pursue peaceful options.


Robots have a culture and a language. They get on with humans (the Salt Lake City-Ogden conflict is an exception). Robots tend to aid humans and organoc life, and don't see them as a threat as long as they aren't shot at. Humans tend to be suspicous of robots. Robots can and do experinece some form of love, sadness, anger and relief. Robots can refer to things like cars and trucks as dead machines. They also can have some form of sexual experiance