Cata civilwar

Battle of Ted

The year was 2782, the romo colony Cata begins to rebel agaist their Mother nation.

Battle of Ted

Battle of Ted is the most bloodiest war in the rebellion. After 59 years past of being a colony with strict military rule. Secretlly the citzens in what now know as Region two begin building an army to distroy the Romolins. First they used gorillia warfare. Next they used a full assult at the military bases. Quicly it spread to other regions.

Battle of Par

2 months ended of battleing in Regions 1, 2 and 3. They created a naval force to go to the romolins homeland in a city named Par. They putted the city on fire and killed any survors that attacked.

Romo Calls Peace

After the Rebels attack onto Par the Romo offered Peace and their own nation. The Rebels accept and named their new nation Cata.

Newspaper from Itl