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Rosewood State Park separates Eternity Valley from the "Big City."

It's several miles deep, and it's very long and curves around the Valley in a crescent moon shape.

It's carefully tended by the Hunting Party Faction and the Green Rangers. Several things live in the "denser" part of the Park that don't look human, and would be dangerous to most people.

Rosewood State Park was created in the early 1930's when a visionary mayor of town saw that the highways would change the shape of the country. However, the creation of the Park is also what caused the major Interstate to be built some distance away from the small town.

Three different County Roads (CR23, CR25, and CR73) all run through the Park as well as the river.

The Park is equipped with all the latest tourist toys and amenities, near the larger facilities they even boast wireless internet. The local and big city boyscout and girl scouts do a lot of their badges in the woods and several corporations have yearly standing camping reservations.