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Because The Golden Age is set in a time when high-tech weaponry was not used, players have certain restrictions as to what they can do.
Have fun and really try to develope your nations. It makes it a lot more fun.

Basic Rules[]

  1. Players may not just create technologies and things. They may only create innovations to improve what they already have and then, every once in a while, have someone invent something.
  2. Nations are not abundant in all resources. To gain resources like iron and Chinese gunpowder, you will have to trade with a nation that has those resources.
  3. Supernatural occurances may happen, as in some scientist believing that he had contact with something with supernatural powers but, things like alien invasions, abductions and zombies are not allowed.
  4. Players should have fun. Don't be cheap and get on everyone's nerves. If you want a rule added, please post it in the talk page and we'll have a vote on it.
  5. Players are allowed to own more then one nation. It is recommended that they are not directly beside each other because that is very similar to just expanding the one nation to occupy that space. It's a good idea to make another nation after your first one is well developed and is relatively finished. Do not, however, just forget about the other nation and just use it for gameplay. You should still add on to it and make it better.

Technology based rules[]

  1. Players cannot make technologies overnight, they have to take several days if not 2 or more weeks. Otherwise, it will be unfair to players if one person suddenly makes hi-tech armour that allows him to be more powerful then everyone else.
  2. As stated above about the resources, you can't invent and produce something if you don't have the resources. Take into account the amount of time it take for deliveries to arrive between nations.