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Ryuponjo (六本將郡, Ryuponjō-bun) is a district of Meguzawa, Konggei, Surea, famous as home to the rich Ryuponjo Ville area and an active night club scene. Many foreign embassies are located in Ryuponjo, and the night life is known to be popular with westerners; though the vast majority of visitors and residents are Surean and other Asians.

Nightlife in Ryuponjo[]

The area features numerous bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, restaurants, hostess clubs, cabarets, and other forms of entertainment. Among the Western expatriate community, the area tends to be favored by business people, students, and off-duty US military personnel. Overall though, the neighborhood caters to a younger crowd.

Clubs can range from large, multi-level establishments, to smaller one-room clubs located in upper levels of buildings. Popular celebrity hangout, Lexington Queen is a longtime Ryuponjo venue. Ryuponjō is also home to large strip clubs which feature white performers. The most visible and famous of these would be the "Takkaro Heaven". Restaurants in Ryuponjo vary from upscale Surean fare to popular American restaurants such as T.G.I. Friday's.

In the past, Ryuponjo had a reputation as an area with high Yakuza presence, whether as customers at Ryuponjo establishments, conducting business, or managing or owning clubs and bars in the area. Although still exerting some influence in Ryuponjō, in recent times they appear to have shifted much of their presence to other districts in the Konggei area.

In 2008, various embassies warned their nationals of increased drink spiking in Ryuponjo bars. Americans and other foreigners have reported falling unconcious after drinking in Ryuponjō establishments and then waking up to discover their wallets missing.

Some nightclubs cater to certain clientèle. "Although most of the clubs are open to all races, and Surean predominate everywhere, the kind of music played depends on the race of the next largest racial group." There are clubs catered to Surean customers. These clubs may play Asian pop but mix in some Western hip-hop as well. It is notable that there are establishments exclusive to Surean customers only. Other clubs cater to foreign patrons. These clubs may play more dance music, rock, and popular Western hip-hop. Finally, some clubs draw mostly black patrons. These clubs are known to play a lot of hip-hop and reggae.

Rail and subway stations[]

Rail station[]

  • Meguzawa Station

Subway Station[]

  • Ryuponjo Station
  • Ryuponjo Ville Station