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Shwi Komon
English: Familiar Water
National Anthem of Flag of Lxungion Lxungion
Lyrics Ficẽrõa Pribait
Music Far Baingũ
Adopted 1980

Sõin Komon, roughly translated as familiar water, is the national anthem of Lxungion. The tune is from a nameless ngajõc (Lxung Court Music) song by the renowned Lxung composer Far Baingũ in 1052. The lyrics were written by poet Ficẽrõa Pribait after the rise of the Independent Republic of Lxungion.

After Thun Jicnasjo's death, Lxungion needed a new national anthem to replace the old national anthem, Tõngon Thun-Thun, Great Thun of the East. The population had lost most of its abilities in the socialist era, but some poets managed to write patriotic poems. Drang Samxjuil ordered a competition for a national anthem among these poets. Of the one-hundred fifty two entrants, the winner was Ficẽrõa Pribait, who adapted a well-known traditional Lxung court song to words he wrote. His poem outlined the beauty of Lxungion and the struggle for freedom. On 9 June 1980, Shwi Komon was adopted. Although Ficẽrõa intended for the song to have eight verses, only the first and last were adopted as official.

Sõin Komon is played on all Lxung Radio stations daily at 6:00 AM. Also, students in public schools and most private schools sing the national anthem daily.