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Saint Patrick
Sainkt Patrick
—  Region  —

Nickname(s): Ðe Land der Strande/Tír na Tránna (Norpradian Dialect/Irish)
"The Land of the Beaches"
Capital Viebourgh
 - Type Government of Sainkt Patrick
 - Governor Jacob Leiner
 - Total 26.781,79 km2 (10.340,51 sq mi)
Area rank 1st
Highest elevation 3.688 m (12.100 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2017) 1.708.609
Population rank 4th
 - Demonym Saint Patrician
Time zone Lithoriburg Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+1]])
ISO 3166 code NR-SP

Sainkt Patrick (Saint Patrick in English) is a region in the southern part of Norpradia. It is the fourth most populous region, and the largest by area. Sainkt Patrick is bordered by Rödsomor to west, Norr Rödsomor to the northwest, Prada to the north, Nordia to the east, and the North Sea to the south and southeast. Saint Patrick is the most developing region in the country. The population growth is -0,02%, the third lowest in the entire country. Its capital and largest city is Viebourgh, which had an estimated population of 104.022 in 2019, or 103.907 according to the 2017 census.

Even though Irish is one of the two official languages in the region, less than 2% of the people speak it, and the number is getting lower and lower each year as the younger population prefers to speak the Norpradian Dialect and either German (if Rödsomorian-Saint Patrician), or English (if Nordian-Saint Patrician).

Saint Patrick is one of the poorest regions in the country, it has a GDP per capita of 45.545, the 3rd lowest, and a HDI of 0,918, again, the third lowest.

Saint Patrick is influenced by Irish Culture in the low populated mountainous northern regions, German Culture to the southwest, and English Culture to the southeast. Before the unification of Norpradia, hundreds of small kingdoms ruled the region, but the most influential of them was the Kingdom of Saint Patrick's, which had Strandbourgh as its capital.


The region of Sainkt Patrick has 398 cities, the second region with the most number of cities (only losing to Nordia). According to the 2017 census, 40,81% of the Saint Patrician population lived in the 10 most populous cities, they are:

Rank City Population County District
1. Viebourgh 103.907 Viebourgh Viebourgh
2. Vernau 100.805 Viebourgh Viebourgh
3. Strandbourgh 89.682 Strandbourgh Strandbourgh
4. Dortosnö 87.902 Dortosnö Dortosnö
5. Ivona 72.100 Viebourgh Salzben
6. Vesnobourgh 51.239 Vesnovia Vesnobourgh
7. Bailen Äireann 50.893 Amzell Neu Irlande
8. Posnichön 50.062 Viebourgh Posnichön
9. Ossen 46.952 Strandbourgh Flüsse
10. Neu Dublin 43.682 Neu Dublin Neu Dublin


Sainkt Patrick is divided between eight counties, Vesnovia, Bvelvchön, Amzell, Neu Dublin, Stralmöst, Strandbourgh, Viebourgh and Dortosnö. Each county is subdivided to create another subdivision, called districts.

Name Abbreviation Capital Area (km²) HDI Population
(2017 Census)
Density (km²)
(2017 Census)
Location Sainkt Patrick Counties.png
Vesnovia SP-VE Vesnobourgh 3.418,20 0,906 174.375 51,01 Vesnovia.png
Bvelvchön SP-BV Bvelvchön 3.745,52 0,918 105.505 28,17 Bvelvchön.png
Amzell SP-AM Bailen Äireann 2.521,69 0,932 141.393 56,07 Amzell.png
Neu Dublin SP-ND Neu Dublin 2.340,60 0,926 109.549 46,80 Neu Dublin.png
Stralmöst SP-ST Triergart 3.778,77 0,920 110.941 29,36 Stralmöst.png
Strandbourgh SP-SH Strandbourgh 4.062,80 0,932 289.845 71,34 Strandbourgh.png
Viebourgh ST-VI Viebourgh 3.869,03 0,896 593.901 153,50 Viebourgh.png
Dortosnö SP-DO Dortosnö 3.045,18 0,918 183.100 60,12 Dortosnö.png

Quality of Life

According to the 2017 census, the life expectancy of the region was at 81,2 years, the third lowest. The gini was of 31,4. The unemployment was at around 8%.

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