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Sainte Genevieve Independent
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet

Owner Bainbridge Media Solutions
Editor Eamonn Gunn
Founded 9 September 1854
Headquarters 9 Aberdeen St
Circulation 37,800 Daily
68,100 Sunday

Sainte Genevieve Independent is the second-oldest and most widely-circulated daily newspaper in the Commonwealth of Sainte Genevieve. Founded in 1854, the Independent was established as an alternative to the Rossport Times, which was owned and operated by the Rossport County Council at the time.

In its first century, the Independent established itself as the most reputable source of print news in the country. It is the only newspaper in Sainte Genevieve that sells subscriptions to international customers, and also the only one to have its own international news bureau. The Independent has not suffered from declining readership and increasing costs to the extent that its main competitors have, largely due to its excellent reputation. The newspaper was also the first in the country to establish a presence online.