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Salinus I Universe
Languages Latin, Bothill, Zurg
Size Over 2.3 centillion light years.
Main Governing Body Salinus Royal Government
Leader Magistrate Commodus Corethia
Population BPW:90 Quadrillion APW: 0
Currency AMC (Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit)
Largest Planet Carthia
Major Species
Technology Level Level 20

The Salinus I Universe was the first universe to be traveled to by the Arkhangelsk Empire. In only 575,000 years it was heavily populated and a thriving colony with no wars, or any threats known to the Salinus Royal Government. At some unknown time the Paracytill jumped into the universe and began to consume all the life it could find. The war lasted some 578 years until the threat was thought to be sufficiently extinguished. A period of some 5,500 years of prosperity ensued until the Paracytill once again rose up and took over the Universe. The Arkhangelsk Royal Military Command had to use drastic measures and eventually detonated black holes that consumed the Salinus I universe.


With inter-universal travel finally mastered the Archivilli Arkhangelsk traveled to their first universe which was the Salinus I universe. Establishing the first colony it quickly thrived and became a prime exporter of exotic and unknown goods. With very few native sentient lifeforms there was relatively no major conflicts, and no wars. With the colony filled with over 90 quadrillion peoples, it was the most populous colony and one of the most productive.

Paracytill Threat Emerges[]