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The Santa Christina Greater Metropolitan Council is the legislative body governing the city of Santa Christina and its environs. Prior to 1948, the council governed only the innermost portions of the city, with the other 'satellite' cities having their own councils, but since then it is the sole local government body in the entire city. The council consists of 35 members, elected from five 'wards' of seven members each. The council is elected under a Single Transferable Vote proportional system. Each party has a leader, and the Council elects a Council President to preside over meetings. The Mayor or Deputy Mayor are empowered to attend Council meetings and to speak, but not to vote. Prior to 2000, the Deputy Mayor was also the council's presiding officer. The Council President is second-in-line to succeed the Mayor in the event of a vacancy.  The current President of the Council is Conservative leader Cr Peter Braintree. No party has a majority on the City Council at present. The Georgeland Alliance holds the balance of power. 

2016 election results[]

Party numbers[]

Party Elected 2016 Current
Conservative 13 13
Liberal Democratic 11 11
Georgeland Alliance 7 8
Green Party 1 1
Tim Team 2 0
Independent 1 2

Team Tim merged into Reform in 2017; its two councillors did not join and sat for the Alliance and as an Independent. 

Councillors elected[]

Ward Councillors Party Notes
1st Scott Marron Liberal Democratic
Peta Kelly Liberal Democratic
Joanne Ling Liberal Democratic
Anne Farrow Conservative
George Mykos Green
Petra Gianni Georgeland Alliance
David Wolf Georgeland Alliance Elected as Team Tim
2nd Peter Braintree Conservative President of the Council
Tom Cole Conservative
Jasmine Anderson Conservative
June Singh Liberal Democratic
Lance Borri Liberal Democratic
Sam Svenson Georgeland Alliance
Carrie-Anne Mitchell Independent
3rd David Owens Liberal Democratic
Kelly McClure Liberal Democratic
Josh Allen Georgeland Alliance Succeeded Belinda Pang
Mark Morris Conservative
Francine Kew Conservative
John Walters Conservative
Jason Johnson Independent Elected as Team Tim
4th Eliza Kelly Liberal Democratic
Peter Jones Liberal Democratic
Anna Winston Conservative
Brett Boxer Conservative
Katrina Robinson Conservative
David Goric Georgeland Alliance
5th Barry Scottson Liberal Democratic
Alexis Young Liberal Democratic
Don Hitchcock Conservative
Paula Rooney Conservative Replaced Martin Denby
Sandra Gupta Conservative
Devin Lee Georgeland Alliance
Mike Harry Georgeland Alliance