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The Santa Christina Herald is the oldest newspaper in Georgeland. It is highly regarded as an international news source and, notably, is the only metropolitan daily in Georgeland to remain 'independent'; that is, outside the control of major news corporations, such as Newscorp. The Herald has been the major broadsheet newspaper for Santa Christina and much of the western coast of Mainland for the past century. It has the largest circulation of any Georgeland newspaper - in 2005, the paper's average weekday circulation was 257,396.


The Herald was established by Elliot Thomas in 1878, as the Weston Times. The name was changed to the Weston Herald in 1884, and again to the Santa Christina Herald in 1934. The paper's name has thus changed twice, but the paper continues to maintain it has existed continuously since 1878.


The Herald is owned by Independent Press, which is a company created in 1953 solely to maintain ownership of the newspaper. The paper is the only major daily paper in Georgeland to not be owned by a major media organisation.


  • Elliot Thomas 1878-1890
  • Sir Albert Curry 1890-1904
  • Sir David Leech 1904-1910
  • Sir Nelson Eddington 1910-1924
  • Colin McCaskill 1924-1942
  • Stephen Holmes 1942-1956
  • John Kenny 1956-1973
  • Peter Grant 1973-1975
  • Piers Denton 1975-1981
  • Ken Leech 1981-1990
  • Wally Lambert 1991-1996 (first to be styled "Editor-in-Chief; predecessors were merely "Editor")
  • Margaret Staples 1996-2003
  • Martin Radcliffe-Jones 2003-2007
  • Daniel Goddard 2007-



The following is a partial list of the senior editorial and reporting staff as of September 2006:

Editorial Staff[]

  • Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Goddard
  • International Editor: Georgina Berry
  • Political and Social Editor: Roger Bridie
  • Sport and Recreation Editor: Simon Nunn
  • Features Editor: John Benn

International Correspondents[]

  • Topstad Correspondent: James Kitchen
  • Washington Correspondent: Phoebe Allen
  • London Correspondent: Jason Newman


  • Evan Cleese
  • Michael Bowman
  • Stephanie Kiddock
  • Michael Fisch
  • Lester Bradman
  • Daphne Ellis
  • Rod Stephens