Santa Christina United Football Club is a Georgeland football (soccer) club, founded in 1947. Since their foundation, they have been in the country's primary division, or 1st division, without exception. They are one of the most prominent and successful teams in the country and the only one never to have been in another division. SC United have won the Georgeland Cup a total of 17 times, more than any other team. Seven of those wins were during the team's "golden age", between 1997 and 2007. The team has also been League Champion more times than any other team, finishing at the top of the ladder twenty times since the League's official foundation in 1950. 

The club has been home to some of Georgeland's greatest players, notably Duncan Fitzpatrick, Graeme Collins and current national coach Anthony Quested. They have also featured overseas players such as Danny Acht, Robert Hadley and Richie Forde.

Club honours

Current squad

No. Position Player Nationality
1 GK Shaun Leeson UIG
2 DF Dan Hunter AUS
3 DF Gerard Blasse SUI
4 DF [[ Peter Bowen|Peter Bowen]] UIG
5 DF Stan Lypzoki POL
6 MF [[ Mark Spratt|Mark Spratt]] UIG
7 MF Nils Dam DEN
9 MF Jaime Quesada COL
10 MF Gary Logan UIG
11 FW Troy Appleby UIG
12 FW [[ Bernardo Roqua|Bernardo Roqua]] CHI
13 GK Gerard Taylor UIG
14 DF Pete Davis UIG
15 DF Andy Thorpe UIG
17 DF Jose-Luis Baoules POR
18 MF Jack Riley UIG
19 MF David Ellis ENG
20 MF Noah Worthington UIG
21 MF Noah Hallem NED
22 FW Chris Boxer UIG
23 FW Patrick Keane UIG
24 GK Gianni Ricotti ITA
25 DF Johnny Yeats UIG
27 DF Paul Carter UIG
29 MF Yoshiro Nori JPN
30 FW Rick Walker UIG
32 FW Rico Estrada ESP

Famous players

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