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The Santa Christina mayoral election of 2008 will take place on June 30, 2008, and will elect a candidate to the office of Mayor of Santa Christina. The election will be held concurrently with a number of other local government elections, including the election for Mayor of Doubledance. The previous election was held on June 1, 2004. However, local government reforms enacted in 2005 now mandate that all local government elections throughout Georgeland take place on June 30. Thus, the term of the current Mayor has been extended slightly to take the new election date into account.
Incumbent Mayor Jim Smalls will seek re-election to his first full term. His predecessor, Lois Daniels, resigned in early 2008 in order to run for President. Smalls will face a potentially wide field of candidates.
The winner of the election will be sworn in as Mayor on July 10.


  • Deadline for registration of candidates: Tuesday, April 1, 2008
  • Deadline for voter registration: Sunday, May 25, 2008
  • Polling day: Monday, June 30, 2008



Candidate registration will end on April 1. Most parties will choose their nominees in late March. The following candidates have been selected by their parties or have otherwise nominated to contest the election.

Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands Wong has been Borough President of Garretty Island since 2004. Wong was formally adopted as the LDP's candidate on March 13. If elected, Wong would be Georgeland's second Mayor of Chinese ancestry.

Other Nominations[]

Liberal Democrats[]

  • Justin Waley, City Councillor from Cheltenham. At 29, Waley would be the youngest Mayor in the city's history. Waley has served on the Council since 2004.
  • Geoff St. John, Point Freeman Borough President.


Parker is the overwhelming front runner since he declared his candidacy in November, and is not expected to be seriously challenged for preselection.


  • Sally Anne Holmes, local Greenpeace leader and anti-whaling campaigner.
  • Patty Hotchkiss, former Councillor from Santa Christina Ward


Liberal Democrats[]

The Santa Christina Herald reported on December 24, 2007 that a movement to 'draft' Robards into the Mayoral contest is gaining strength inside the Liberal Democrats. Robards, who is currently a Presidential candidate, has said he would 'consider' a Mayoral run in the future (presumably 2012) but is concentrating on the Presidential race.

Georgeland Alliance[]

  • Jim Smalls, incumbent Mayor. Smalls confirmed in late February that he would be the party's candidate at the election. Smalls has a much lower media profile than Daniels and the loss of her personal vote has rendered Smalls a third-party candidate rather than the front-runner.
  • Lois Daniels

See above for details on Daniels' potential candidacy.