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Race: Blue Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: (On day of death) 6,400 approximately.

Occupation: N/A

Legal Status: N/A (deceased)

Marital Status: N/A

Known Relatives/Friends: De'bandas danos Xenedex (Mother, deceased), Arbis (Father, deceased), Nar-grundaxx (Brother, deceased), Hergina Saandir (Nestmother, deceased).


Sari danos Xenedex was born an unassuming young Dragonwhelp of the Blue Breed. However, she displayed a surprisingly aggressive nature for a Blue Dragon. Her behaviour was more reminicent of that of the Red Breed. This, coupled with her purple-hinted scales that grew more violet as she aged, led her Nestmother to suspect that her father was a Red Dragon. Cross-breeds were rare, but not unheard of. Growing up, she felt uneasy around both the Blue and Red Breeds on their own, but seemed perfectly happy in the company of both at the same time. When the Demons threatened her race, she was barely 5,500, and enlisted in the fight against the otherworldly threat. Proving herself in the field of battle with both her physical might and her ability to breathe fire and ice, she slew many a Demonic army. No victory, however, could amount to her greatest...and last. It seemed imminent that the Demons' incursion into Hayle would begin, and Sari's unit of fellow Dragons was all but destroyed. She was all that stood between the approaching hell-spawn and the Draconic paradise. Then she did a brave thing. She enchanted her very soul with Dragonfire, and released it into the legion, destroying both herself, and each and every Demon. Sari may well have saved Hayle from utter destruction. This selfless act was witnessed by a Draconic relief squad who would not have arrived in time, despite being among the swiftest of Green Dragons. It is said that wherever the Dragons fly, they carry with them a mithril-carved statue of Sari, with the Draconic words"Gent-amer medenaise, Sari danos Xenedex", meaning "Behold the saviour, Sari danos Xenedex".


"Die, hellscum! You shall not destroy the place of life!" - Last words.

"I am a new Breed. Neither Blue nor Red. I am of the Violet Breed." - Said to another Dragon at the age of 3,000 approximately.