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The Saydneyan Democratic Congress (Spanish: Congresso Democratico de Saydney, French: Congrès Démocratique De Saydney), often called the SDC or simply The Democrats is a Saydneyan centre-left political party.

With the United Party of Saydney it is one of the country's two major parties. The party is a broadly social democratic party, though on economic policy and some social issues it has a more conservative stance than other leftist parties. The SDC has been for years the most popular party among the English and French speaking Saydneyan communities.
The SDC currently governs Saydney in coalition with the Saydneyan Labour Party.

While its member all claims alligeance to a single party, it is in actuality a number of Democratic Parties that federate at a national level. For example a member of the Democrats in the state of Candarra is a member of the Candarran Democratic Congress and does not have membership to the Democrats in any other Saydneyan state. This is where the party derived its names as it is in fact a congress of almost 10 democratic parties based in the states and territories of Saydney. This is a largly historic and traditional point as today it operates in all senses as a unified national party, A Saydneyan is under no confusion when a person declares they are a democrat or member of the SDC no matter where they are or where they are from.

The current National Leader of the SDC is President Miranda Eaton, the National Deprty Leader is Councilor Roy Wollard