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The Saydneyan Labour Party is the second and junior partner in the current governering coalition of Saydney. Despite its junior status presently, before the civil war the SLP held government on more than one occasion and was Saydneys largest political party.

The Saydneyan Labour Party as the name suggests is the political party for the workingman. It has very strong links to the union movement and is also Saydney's richest political party as it takes donations and contributions from organised labour.

Despite strong links to a large constituency the party has been unpopular for many years. This is for two reasons, firstly Labour president Gibson Thorn is widely held to have been the main catalyst for the civil war and, two the red scare and American interference meant the many even mildly socialist parties were kept from power.

The party is beginning to reinvent its self, and is forging ahead as a modern political party strengthening ties with the union movement and with the wider community.

In the 2006 Federal Election the party was succsessful in electing 9 members of the High Council and 100 member of Congress.

The Current Federal is Tony Martin, who under the terms of the coalition agreement is also Saydney Vice-President. The First Labour Vice-President in over 60 years.

The Deputy Leader is Councilor Imogen Cunnigham, who is also Minister for Health in the Eaton Government. Councilor Cunnigham represents the state of Sussex.

Other Labour Ministers are

  • Councilor Rick Black, Minister for Employment Services and Workplace Relations
  • Councilor Oscar Chang, Minister for Sport
  • Councilor Robert Kent, Deputy Chancellor of the High Council