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The Scoitan Conservative leadership election of 2007 was held to choose the replacement for Mick Pearson as Chief Minister of Scoita. Pearson had left office to campaign full time to become the state's next Governor. The ballot was held the morning of March 8.

Declared Candidates[]

The incumbent Deputy Chief Minister and Housing, Works & Transport Minister was seen as the front-runner. A Conservative mover-and-shaker, Zimmerman had been influential in Tory politics for more than a decade, and has a strong grasp of public policy.

  • Paul Cappucio

The Attorney General, Police Minister and Minister for Industrial Relations has strong law-and-order credentials and is a popular hard-liner in the Conservative Party. Cappucio would have become the country's first Chief Minister of Italian descent had he been elected.

  • Hugh Haggart

The Local Government minister is a moderate Conservative who attracted some votes because of his 'outsider' status and his less hard-line stance on some social issues.


Brad Zimmerman was declared the winner and sworn in as Chief Minister. The deputy leadership was won by Paula Galvin, who was unopposed.