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Scorpions are an animal in the Mini men world.

Physical Discription[]

Scorpions are easily identifiable by their unique appearance. They range in size from slightly less than that of a person, to over twenty times bigger, have a large tail ending in a odd spike, six legs, and a pair of arms ending in claws. They have two forward faceing eyes, and four sideways faceing eyes. They come in every color imagenable.


Scorpion poison can have many effects. The two most common are a neral toxin, and a substance that damages muscluar tissue. Both are lethal in even small amounts. There are few non-poisonous scorpions. Most poisons have no known antidote. Luckily, scorpions will mostly not attack unless attacked first.


Scorpions have been used for a variety of uses for as long as human history. The earliest recorded use of a scorpion warmount was with the invention of writing, over 5000 years ago. It appears that some scorpions had been domesticated centuries prior to that point. About a hundred years ago, it was realized that some scorpions could poison without actually striking. This lead to some nations to experiment with scorpion venom in an attempt to generate gases for warfare. Fairly recently, an antibacterial was discovered in scorpion blood. This is sold in various countries, and has no know side effects.