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The Second Small War was a war on Pulasia between the Perissodactyl Place and Bat Band on one side and the Dinosaur Dominion and Artiodactyl Association on the other.

The war began in 360 AB. This year was had a very poor harvest of crops; the Place accused the Association of holding crops back as an emergency reserve, as opposed to trading them. The Association claimed it had the right to do this. In response, the Place attacked the Association. The Bat Band allied with the Place, while the Dinosaur Dominion supported the Association.

Both sides initially followed a tactic of holding back. In 365 AB, however, the Place and Band launched an assassination attempt on the head of Association-Dominion forces in Brettany. The attempt was successful, and the Place and Band easily conquered Brettany, squashing any attempt by the Dominion or Association forces in the region to create resistance. The Association considered this a violation of their rights and after lengthy deliberation invaded Brettany, destroying the homes of and sometimes killing any perissodactyls. The Place-Band armies met this invasion force in 367 AB at the Battle of Porrg, which the Place won. The Place then launched a general invasion of Britain, which was generally successful in stopping serious resistance and defeating the armies in the region, although many lives were lost. By 371 AB, four years after the Battle of Porrg, the Place-controlled area had greatly increased and the Place now had nearly unreasonable Dominance. This was when the second stage of the war started.

The Association launched a huge naval attack on Britain in that year. Due to poor navigation, however, the armada landed in Ireland instead. Moreover, the general of the forces burned his bridges (ships), convinced that it was Britain. This failure caused a great loss of naval control by the Association and Dominion. That was used by their enemies. By 374 AB, the Place had conquered regions in Norway, the Netherlands, Aquitane and even Ireland. The huge armada had turned out to be quite defeatable on land. The Association had clearly lost the war, but there was still hope for them to get a more advantageous peace deal...

The Eastern Theater of war was an activity by the Association to kick the Place armies out of the shores of Denmark and Norway and follow by invading down the coast. The first part of the plan worked perfectly. The second didn't. In 376 AB, the generals ordered a complete retreat. Despite this, the Kickout Offensive tilted the balance towards the Artiodactyl Association. After a few more minor skirmishes, the war was ended by the Treaty of Opry.