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The electoral division of Sergiocitta is a constituency of the Georgeland House of Commons consisting of the Central Business District and inner parts of the Bradmarch state capital, Sergiocitta. It has existed as a division since 1891. Two former Prime Ministers, David Turner and Stanley Baynes, were both MP for Sergiocitta.
The seat is a traditionally Conservative seat; incumbent MP Candice Healy is the second non-Tory MP to represent Sergiocitta.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. Edward Hope 1891-1905 (Protectionist)
  2. David Turner 1905-1921 (Conservative)
  3. St. John Marks 1921-1931 (Conservative)
  4. Stanley Baynes 1931-1965 (Conservative)
  5. John Helmen 1965-1974 (Conservative)
  6. Frank Bell 1974-1991 (Conservative)
  7. Eugene Helmen 1991-2005 (Conservative)
  8. Candice Healy 2005- (Liberal Democrat)