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     KARRS Setsuna Line
Type Commuter rail line
System Koiwai Area Regional Rail System
Locale Koiwai and Ivalician Federal District suburbs northwest to Forriedor
Terminals Koiwai Southern Avenue Station
Setsuna, FO
Owner INR/Koiwai Department of Transportation
Operator(s) INR/Koiwai Department of Transportation
Track gauge Standard Gauge

The Setsuna Line is a KARRS commuter rail line running from Southern Avenue Station, Koiwai to Setsuna, Forriedor, via Koiwai Central Station on INR's Diamond Coast Line. It is KARRS's third busiest line, behind the Randgriz Line and Airport Javelin. Compared to the other two electrified lines, the only partially-electrified Setsuna Line is the slowest KARRS Line, with average speeds of 60 miles per hour. The service is operated under contract by INR which supplies employees to operate trains, and maintains the right-of-way. The line is administered by the Koiwai Department of Transportation (K.).