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The sex ratio in Cicheghoaste region (mainly Ardenjost, Cardoby and Cuopio) leans towards more women that in most other populations (normally being around 105 males to 100 females). There are two primary factors to this anomaly, which have been studied for thousands of years, first by Vorsalan philosophists and scientists.


Seirimun is a Vorsalan term (literally the sulfurism) which designates the main factor for sex ratio anomaly in Northern Ardenjost.

Modern science has been able to identify propyl mercaptan as the chemical substance behind the Seirimun. The compound acts by reacting with Y-chromosomes of the spermatozoa, eliminating such sperm cells.

Propyl mercaptan exists primarily in Rjebok province of Ardenjost, between the hilly areas near Virmas Sea and Ismer Sea. It is hypothetized that a sulfur-rich hard meteorite has collided to the area with low velocity, surviving intact to the surface while heating into several thousand Celsius, triggering formation of long sulfurous carbon compounds. Most likely the bolide has landed near Helsamav and subsequently fallen to the bottom of a swamp about half a million years ago. The compounds have solved into water and spread into a larger area. Since then, propyl mercaptan has been slowly coming into surface and evaporating, creating concentrations in ground-level atmosphere on calm nights reaching 10 ppb in some villages to the north of Helsamav.

A census was held in the local kingdom in 129 AD, which showed the following sex ratios among infants, as studied by a Vorsalan scientist:

  • Kürba County, comprising of nearly the whole plateau, 69 boys for 100 girls
  • Sääria County, region near Terepsloks, 87 boys for 100 girls
  • Pietra County, Virmas Sea coast, 96 boys for 100 girls

Genetic anomaly[]

The main factor of female excess in such areas as Kutuf in Ardenjost, Arrasaly in Cardoby and Gorimar in Cuopio is a genetic anomaly, termed Middle Cicheghoaste plateau genetic anomaly, in Vorsalan antiquity simply Sersicehostemun (lit. Mid-Cicheghoaste-ism").

The population of the region east of Litis Mountains and west of Pelasok Mountains has been very isolated for several millennia, resulting in genetic differences compared to other peoples. The most pronounced difference is excess of X sperm cells being produced. The isolation has been completely broken in modern times, which has resulted in more even sex ratio on the plateau, but likewise more feminine ratio in surrounding valleys and coasts. Today, the place most affected by this anomaly is Ulrasbur in Kutuf province of Ardenjost: 76 male births for 100 female.