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The Hon. Shannon Millicent DeVere (b. May 6, 1959) is the Leader of the Opposition in the Georgeland state of Bradmarch. From August 17, 2007 to August 19, 2008, she was the state's Chief Minister. She leads the state branch of the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands.

Shannon DeVere
Position 21st Chief Minister of Bradmarch
Term in office August 17, 2007-August 19, 2008
Preceded by Owen Canderwell
Succeeded by Diane Salinger
Political party Liberal Democrat
Total time in office 1y 2d
Born May 6, 1959
Spouse Doug Trimble (married 1986)

From 2002 to 2004, DeVere was the leader of the United Islands Liberal Party's state branch, and agreed to become Deputy Leader of the Opposition as part of an agreement with Democratic Party leader Owen Canderwell which led to his becoming Leader of the Opposition when both parties won an equal number of seats. She later became Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
DeVere is a leading member of the right-wing of her party and a strong supporter of former Prime Minister Zoe Parker and Opposition Leader Robin Sales. In 2007 it was reported that DeVere would become the chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party's re-election campaign in Bradmarch.
In August 2007, Canderwell suffered a mild heart attack and announced his resignation, despite his pledge to fight the 2008 election. DeVere was considered the overwhelming front-runner to replace the outgoing Chief Minister. She was duly elected on August 17, 2007, with no opposition from within her party.
A year later, at the state election, fought under a new, proportional voting system, the Liberal Democrats won just nine seats in the 32-seat legislature, one fewer than the opposition Conservatives. Since no party could form a majority, both DeVere and Tory leader Diane Salinger negotiated with the Georgeland Alliance, which won 8 seats, for support for a minority government. The Alliance eventually agreed to support Salinger. DeVere was re-elected as Liberal Democrat leader and remains Leader of the Opposition.

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Preceded by
Diane Salinger
Deputy Chief Minister of Bradmarch
February 12, 2004-August 17, 2007
Succeeded by
Simon Nance
Preceded by
Owen Canderwell
Chief Minister of Bradmarch
August 17, 2007-August 19, 2008
Succeeded by
Diane Salinger
Preceded by
Diane Salinger
Leader of the Bradmarch Opposition
August 19, 2008-
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