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Meitot Shecea
Official Languages Shecelan
Other Languages Juleni, Egraian
Capital Bescurne
Government Constitutional monarchy
Monarch King Meduot II
Prime Minister Shebo Atart Evernest
Area 63,668 km²
Currency Shecelan Tarle

Sheceo is a landlocked kingdom (mainly) in Eastern Sadcodanian Holy Valley. Its neighbors are Egraio, Geolo, Väbemban, Alstar and Julen.


Map of Sheceo

Sheceo is generally flat. It can be divided into four different regions:

  • 1: Holy Valley: This region has ~70% of all the Shecelan land area. It is flat. Population is dense near the Holy Lake, and moderate inland.
  • 2: Shecelan Ridge: This mountainous region is ~5% of the total land area. The tallest peak is about 2500 metres tall. Almost nobody lives here.
  • 3: Eastern Region: This region is in the watershed of Lomu River, rather than Egraian River. It is flat, but 300-400 metres over main sea level. It is ~15% of the total land area. Population is not dense.
  • 4: Western Coast: This is a relatively flat region west of the Holy Lake. It has no borders with other Shecelan regions, only with Julen and Egraio. It is ~10% of the total land area.

There are some important islands, which don't fall under any of these categories. The biggest of them are Iessele (22.4 km²) and Emenshict (16.1 km²).


1: Isbinime

2: Kartse

3: Nafsute

4: Capital province

5: Haburtne

6: Lamute

7: Sheceo Naimo

8: Vencube

Biggest cities[]

(metropolitan level, capital in bold)

  • Cebe Nafse (2,095,000 inhabitants, Nafsute)
  • Shecute (1,392,000 inhabitants, Kartse)
  • Binime (1,093,000 inhabitants, Isbinime)
  • Bescurne (805,000 inhabitants, capital province)

Other cities:

  • Riditse (129,000 inhabitants, Lamute)
  • Galavie (196,000 inhabitants, Vencube)


Frasarian religion has a majority (97% of people) in Sheceo.

Languages (as of 2006):

  • Shecelan, 93.2%
  • Egraian, 5.1%
  • Juleni, 1.2%
  • Väbembani, 0.2%
  • others, 0.3%



Sheceo is a constitutional kingdom. The monarch gets an absolute power, should a war come. Monarch's status and rights are protected by the constitution, which cannot be changed, unless the monarch, heir apparent and 90% of the MPs agree to do so.

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