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Shi Johnson-Williams
Shi Williams official portrait crop
Vice President Williams speaking at an economic summit
64th Vice President of Ivalice
Assumed office
President John Martin
Preceded by George Weber
Member of the Ivalician House of Representatives from the Ivalician Federal District's 3rd District
In office
Preceded by Jack Johnson
Succeeded by Dominic Graves
Personal details
BornNovember 21, 1954
Koiwai, Ivalician Federal District
Political partyRights
Spouse(s)Michael Williams
ProfessionEconomic development specialist

Shi Diane Johnson-Williams (born November 21, 1954) is the 64th and current Vice President of Ivalice, serving under President John Martin. She was a Ivalician Representative from the Ivalician Federal District from April 4, 2001 until her resignation on May 29, 2009, following her election to the Vice Presidency.

Early Life and Education[]

Williams was born in Landover, Federal District on November 21, 1954, the second of five children born to Henry "Hank" Thomas Johnson and Amanda Claudette Johnson. Williams' parents were both working class civil servants, working at the Domesticities Department building in Downtown Koiwai.

Williams attended public schools in suburban Prince George's County, Federal District. In secondary school, she participated in various student activities, notably art and inter-school student government. Upon graduating secondary school in 1972, she enrolled in Walker State University, from which she received a Bachelor of Economics degree in 1976.