A map showing the nine states of the Allied States of America

The Six States is a term in the Allied States, which refers to the country's first six states, i.e. Texas, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. This term is still widely used, even though the Allied States now consists of nine states and six provinces.

When the Allied States declared independence in January of 2007, six states (Texas, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma) seceded from the United States. The Allied States of America was known as "The Six States" by many people until Kansas, Colorado, and Northern California also seceded from the United States. Between December 2010 and May 2012, the Allied States received what was left of the United States' states, excluding Alaska, and six Canadian provinces and territories. Some states have been merged and all of them have been renamed, excluding Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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