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Snetterton is an electoral division of the Georgeland House of Commons. It is located in the affluent Doubledance neighbourhood of the same name, and has existed as a division since 1891. For almost the entirety of its life, the seat has been held by the Conservative Party of Georgeland; this streak was broken when Terry Truman, of the poplist Ita, was elected at a 2019 by-election.
Snetterton is famous for being the seat of both Thomas Richardson, Prime Minister 1967-1970, and his son Sam Richardson, who died of a heart attack in 2006. The seat has been held since June 2006 by Simon Birmingham.
Snetterton has the second-highest average wealth per consituent of any division in the country; the highest is Belfast.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. Sir Charles Kent (Conservative) 1891-1905
  2. Austen Burnleigh (Conservative) 1905-1919
  3. Sir Martin Sheilds (Conservative) 1919-1935
  4. Arnold Thomas (Conservative) 1935-1948
  5. Thomas Richardson (Conservative) 1948-1971
  6. Duncan Charlesworth (Conservative) 1971-1980
  7. Sam Richardson (Conservative) 1980-2006
  8. Simon Cunningham (Conservative) 2006-2019
  9. Terry Truman (Ita ) 2019-