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Social-Democratic Alliance[]

The Social-Democratic Alliance is a coalition of four political parties, comprised of the Bancairn Socialist Party, the Socialist Union, the Labour Party of Bancairn and the Ecology Party. It was created by an act of Parliament on January 23, 2007.

Events prior to the union[]

On January 18th, 2007, the Conservative and Republican parties united under the banner of the URWP, in an attempt to defeat the Socialist Party and establish a Conservative government. This prompted Prime Minister Henry Hartwinson (SP) to offer the creation of a Social-Democratic coalition, led by the Socialist Party, and including the Socialist Union, the Ecology Party and the Labour Party. Party leaders met on the 19th and 21st, and formed the alliance on January 23rd.

Electoral success in the 2007 General Elections[]

The SDA won a majority of seats (54/200) in the House of Commons and in the Chamber (32/100). However, each individual party lost many of its seats, the total amount being 54. The Social-Democratic Alliance is the largest group in the Houses of Parliament, and controls both of them as a result.

In the Ministry Elections, however, the SDA candidates won no Ministry posts and were relegated to the Ministry Delegations. Their candidate for Prime Minister, Jack Unwin, received 12% of the vote for PM, and subsequently became Second State Secretary behind Mary Farnham (16%) and Prime Minister Hoddings (70%).

2008 and onwards[]

The members of the SDA will be looking to counter the gains in popularity of the Conservatives and National Party, and win a decisive victory in regional Elections. All forecasts seem to show that the group will stay united for the next General Elections in 2010.

2008 County Council Elections[]

The Social-Democratic Alliance will be contesting seats in all 7 of the County Councils, with a particular target on Victoryshire, Eastonshire, and Westonshire, as well as Wiltingshire.

Drakeshire County Council[]

Though Drakeshire is not one of the SDA's main target, the coalition will be presenting 15 of its local members for the Council. These candidates will run under List 44, led by Richard Marshall.